Strengthening the supply chain

28th January 2022


Developing an effective supply chain to enable scaling up the delivery of efficient and sustainable buildings.

Green Building Renewables: Growing the UK’s heat pump Installation capacity

Air Source Heat Pumps
Air Source Heat Pumps
Recent research has found that there would need to be almost 10,000 qualified heat pump installers in the UK within the next four years – eight times more than the number which currently exists – to meet the government’s target of having 300,000 of the devices installed in homes each year by 2025.

To address the urgent need for more heat pump installers, Green Building Renewables is proactively expanding, recruiting and training staff to ensure that there is greater capacity. Green Building Renewables offers heat pumps, solar PV and solar thermal installations across Yorkshire, from its two bases at York and Doncaster. The plan is to expand its network quickly, adding new regional installers over the next year.

Green Building Store: Helping facilitate the uptake of Passivhaus products and services

MVHR Design
MVHR Design

In 2009 when Green Building Store launched its range of Passivhaus products and services the Passivhaus movement had not really got underway in the UK, so Green Building Store effectively created a supply chain to enable that. This was particularly the case with developing an understanding of MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery), which was at that time largely unknown in the UK.  Green Building Store’s MVHR team has been at the forefront of bringing this new technology into the UK.

Published 28th January 2022

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