Simplifying customer journeys

27th January 2022


Simplifying customer journeys - Developing systems and processes to make the transformation to efficient and sustainable buildings easier.

Constructing or retrofitting a building to low energy standards is a complex process, for private homeowners and building professionals alike. Efficient Building Solution (EBS) businesses aim to try and make the process easier for clients by offering a wider range of integrated services, offering more end-to-end support.

Green Building Store
By combining consultancy and products, Green Building Store (GBS) aims to simplify the process of undertaking an energy efficient selfbuild or retrofit. Working closely alongside Green Building Renewables (GBR) also helps to make the experience for the customer more seamless and effortless, with fewer contact points. GBS is also in the process of developing a new website to help make the decision-making and research elements of the customer journey easier.

The broad range of products and services currently offered include:

•    Triple glazed timber & alu-clad windows & doors
•    MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery)
•    Airtightness products
•    Specialist insulation
•    Building physics consultancy, including PHPP modelling
•    Mechanical services design

Green Building Renewables
Green Building Renewables is aiming to offer a nearly national network of localised renewables experts, offering a wide range of services (including heat pumps, solar PV, underfloor heating, EV car charging) combined with excellent customer care. Working closely alongside Green Building Store means that customers are supported in all aspects of their low energy building project, whether requiring fabric first or renewable and low carbon heating solutions. 

QODA Consulting
QODA offers its QODA Net Zero service as part of a wider offering of design engineering and building services, including mechanical, electrical, and public health design services and lighting design. By offering an integrated range of services it makes it easier for clients to adopt its Net Zero offerings alongside other services, as part of the wider building design process. 

Published 27th January 2022

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