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Low energy building laboratory

Green Building Store’s in-house building team acts as a laboratory for the business testing out new products and approaches. Its Denby Dale Passivhaus project, completed in 2010, was the first Passivhaus built using cavity wall construction in the UK. The project pioneered the combination of low energy Passivhaus methodology with standard British cavity wall construction and building materials.

Green Building Store’s building team has also worked on a number of innovative approaches to internal wall insulation (IWI) in hard-to-treat buildings, to help minimize moisture risks when using IWI strategies.


Applying Diathonite At Holmfirth Farmhouse 1

Pioneering products

As a product supplier, Green Building Store has also brought low energy products to market to help fill gaps in the market. From its pioneering range of triple glazed windows launched in 1995, to its promotion of insulation products to reduce thermal bridging, the company has continually been at the cutting edge of sustainable product developments. Green Building Store won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development 2009 for its ‘pioneering approach to sustainability’ and for providing ‘cutting edge sustainable products’.

    Use Of Compacfoam To Minimise Thermal Bridging
    Use Of Compacfoam To Minimise Thermal Bridging

    Other high performance product developments include the design of windows and doors with dual airtightness seals and Class 4 airtightness. For example, the company’s Lift & Slide door offers exceptional airtightness and is one of the best available in the UK.

    Lift Slide Door With Class 4 Airtightness
    Lift Slide Door With Class 4 Airtightness

    Published 28th January 2022

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