Philip Fellowes-Prynne appointed Chief Executive Officer at Efficient Building Solutions.

8th April 2021


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Philip Fellowes-Prynne has been appointed Chief Executive Officer at Efficient Building Solutions and will undertake the delivery of the strategic plan.

Career Experience & Education

Philip started his career in manufacturing before moving into leadership roles in construction, building and construction maintenance services.

He was previously Chief Executive of May Gurney Integrated Services where he won AIM Company of the Year, doubled EBITDA and grew revenues by 59%. He has led a number of other successful business including being CEO of ASI Solutions, a PE-backed specialist environmental product business.

Philip brings a passion for energy efficiency and outstanding leadership skills to Efficient Building Solutions. 

  • Chair, Waste Knot Energy
  • Chief Executive, Geotech Soil Stabilisation
  • Executive Chairman, ASI Solutions
  • Chief Executive May Gurney Integrated Services
  • Chief Executive Accord plc
  • Director, Cleanaway Disposal, Transfer and Recycling Division

Published 8th April 2021

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