Integrating continual learning

28th January 2022

Putting learning at the heart of everything we do. Continually developing our leading edge expertise to empower our companies to be at the forefront of the transformation to efficient sustainable buildings. 

In-house staff training and continuing professional development for staff are two ways that we ensure that we have knowledge-based businesses.

Passivhaus Training
Passivhaus Training
Green Building Renewables

Green Building Renewables operates continual development for staff and has a skills matrix document for its renewable installers team, showing competencies and where there are skills gaps for each staff member. A thorough training programme for staff, breaking down the renewable installation processes into their constituent parts, means that the team is continually improving and learning. GBR works with two FE educational institutions to support and employ apprentices for its team. 

QODA Consulting

QODA is committed to realising the full potential of its staff by providing training for all. QODA recognises the importance of developing our people through a continuous process of improvement through training. This training includes the following:

  • Graduate training leading to professional accreditation through an IPD scheme.
  • Day release schemes for apprenticeships and postgraduate qualifications.
  • Graduates and trainees work under the supervision of a dedicated senior member of staff. This member of staff supervises their work and ensures that they gain a wide technical experience and detailed understanding of the design and construction process.

Inductions are conducted on day 1 of employment and line managers are required to identify any training requirements. They are also required to talk through H&S procedures, policies and CDM specifically. This is then signed off by the line manager and employee. All QODA staff have Performance Appraisals and these take the form of objective plans specific to the individual's development needs.

Performance Appraisals address the following issues, through a combination of self-learning and internal and external training courses and seminars:

  • Keeping abreast of technical development and legislative changes.
  • Training in all software packages used by QODA.
  • Training in “soft” subjects including project management, QA, health and safety and CDM.
  • Research and investigation into creative and sustainable technological solutions.

CarbonLite Retrofit Training
CarbonLite Retrofit Training
Green Building Store

Green Building Store undertakes regular staff appraisals for all staff that identify their training needs, with a view to increasing skills and competencies within the Passivhaus and low energy building sectors.

Over the years, Green Building Store has built a relationship with Leeds College of Building to support its MVHR designers wishing to train in Building Services. A number of Green Building Store staff have undertaken the AECB CarbonLite Retrofit course and more are currently signed up to undertake the CEPH Passivhaus Consultant course.

Published 28th January 2022

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