Green Building Renewables gives expert advice in Yorkshire Post

16th March 2022


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Efficient Building Solutions business Green Building Renewables has given its expert opinion on Solar PV to The Yorkshire Post. Technical Manager, John Gilham, recently told the daily paper why more and more people are choosing solar.

John provided his specialist advice on solar panels, including how much they cost and how effective they can be for homeowners in the long term. The full article is available here and includes a case study of a Green Building Renewables’ Solar PV installation in York. 

For most homeowners, energy prices are set to increase dramatically from April 2022. The record increase in global gas prices last February saw an energy price cap rise of 54%, and the effects of this will start to significantly impact energy bills very soon. Around 20 million households in council tax bands A to D, including 95% of rented properties, will receive their £150 rebate next month. While such government measures may help in the short term, as John recommends in the article, homeowners should consider how the installation of renewables, like Solar PV, could save them money and reduce their environmental impact. 

In an accompanying Green Building Renewables blog, Solar PV & Fuel Prices, the Efficient Buildings Solution business discusses which homes are suitable for solar and how it works in more detail.

Green Building Renewables understands homeowners' concerns regarding the increasing prices of energy and fuel and can provide advice direct to homeowners on how renewables can help decrease their bills in the future and at the same time reduce their environmental impact. For more information on solar PV or to discuss options for your home, please contact Green Building Renewables here


Published 16th March 2022

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