In the last few weeks, experts from across our businesses have given their opinions on several key subjects to the media.  

Recently, the UK Building Regulations have been updated. Experts from the three Efficient Building Solutions businesses provided their thoughts on what the new regulations mean for people undertaking a self build or retrofit project in Homebuilding and Renovating magazine.   

Green Building Store founder and director Chris Herring provided insight into the new changes to Part F of the building regulations around ventilation. Green Building Renewable's Group Technical Director, John Gilham, gave his advice on the new Part S regs and what the changes in EV charging will mean for self builders and developers. And QODA Consulting's Dr Sarah Price commented on the changes to Part L, which covers the conservation of fuel and power in building new homes in England and establishes how energy-efficient new and existing homes should be.  

Green building renewables John Gilham has been particularly busy. He also featured in last weekend's Yorkshire Post when he provided readers with a guide to solar PV and solar battery storage.  

At Efficient Building Solutions, and across all three of our businesses, our people have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in sustainable building and renewable technology thinking. One of our core values is "Integrating continual learning", and another value is "Disseminating best practice". Combined, these two values are all about developing our expertise to enable our team to stay at the forefront of the industry and making sure we share our knowledge with customers, building professionals and the public. It's fantastic to know that our opinions and expert thought are valued by the media to educate their readership on critical issues and topics.   


Published 30th June 2022

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