Case Study: Chris's Story - Investing in the future

21st June 2022


Before joining Green Building Renewables 

In 2016, Chris Delaney and John Gilham founded Go Eco Renewables. With a strong focus on customer care and staff development, Chris and John created a team that ensured every customer got the time and attention they needed to incorporate the most suitable low carbon and renewable technology into their homes and businesses.  

Chris’s emphasis on understanding, in detail, each customer’s requirements, and only recommending the most relevant renewable technologies, enabled him to grow the business. Coupled with the knowledge that this service-driven industry demanded a highly skilled workforce, Chris instilled a continual training program and invested in developing his team.  

Why Green Building Renewables 

Our growth had been rapid. We were profitable and were making good money, but to take it to the next level and achieve the targets we wanted, we needed strategic investment.  
When we met and spoke with Efficient Building Solutions, they understood the industry. They recognised the technical knowledge, expertise and customer relationships that are crucial to a good local renewable technology business like ours. And they valued the fact we weren’t just about sales. The quality of our work mattered to us, and it mattered to them.  
They saw the same potential that we did, recognised the coupling between our commercial and customer relationships and valued the reputation that we had built. This is why EBS were willing to invest in us, they knew we could grow to the next level. Their vision met our ambition. 

What does it mean for me? 

The investment from EBS has allowed me to pay off my mortgage, and it has given my family and me financial security, which is something to be proud of when it results from something you created. At the same time, I have been able to reinvest back into Green Building Renewables and remain part of this exciting journey to transform UK homes with renewable technology.  
For me, it’s the best of both worlds to have my personal security whilst still being committed to and actively involved in the business’ growth. I genuinely believe in the impact that renewables can have on homes and families around the UK, and I want to remain a part of this industry for a lot longer yet.

Chris Delaney is now Managing Director for Green Building Renewables, based at their headquarters in York. He also sits on the Efficient Building Solutions management board.  


Published 21st June 2022

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