Environmental, Social and Governance


Our vision, to lead the UK's transformation to efficient, sustainable buildings, will only be possible if we are a responsible company and an engaging place for people to work.  
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices are integral to Efficient Building Solutions (EBS) to enable us to transform UK's buildings through the delivery of consultancy, products, and services, which create long-term value for our clients, employees, and investors.  
ESG@EBS is a framework to help define our business methods and what kind of company we are. It will act as a blueprint for the attitudes and approaches that we will embed in our environmental and social responsibilities. Each part of the ESG@EBS framework concerns critical elements of our business and our relationships with our employees, our clients, and building users. 
Our ESG@EBS strategy will be fundamental to our ambition of achieving B Corp certification at Efficient Building Solutions and making us a good place to work for all our staff.


Time to Act

Now is the time to act - Why working to the highest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards matters at Efficient Building Solutions.  

'Purpose driven’ business with a clarity of mission and dedicated ethical investment has the potential to be transformational. Efficient Building Solutions (EBS) is committed to playing a leading role in transforming our built environment in response to the challenges of climate change and the ecological crisis at this critical moment in our history.  

Buildings and the climate are inextricably linked. For our entire history as humans, the environment and the resources available to us have directly influenced the dwellings we have built. Whether prehistoric huts or modern architectural wonders, the buildings we inhabit interact with the environments and places where we build them.  This interaction should be positive; however, it is abundantly clear today this is only sometimes the case.  

We now know that buildings, in construction and use, are not only one of the most significant contributors of CO2 emissions towards climate change but also to the broader ecological crisis we face. We need a transformation in how we build and operate our buildings in line with the timescale and depth of the challenge. We believe in better buildings, from their fabric and construction to how they harness and use energy. We need buildings which are not only efficient in operation, but make efficient use of resources, minimising our impact on the environment. This is our vision.  

Any business today should be judged on what it does, how it operates and how it utilises investment to make the urgent changes we need. ‘Purpose driven’ businesses must be focused on taking the lead and achieving the highest environmental, social and governance standards in their operations. That’s why we are also committed to achieving BCorp status: we need to be able to demonstrate that we are achieving what we aspire to. 

At EBS, our role is two-fold. Firstly, we must help drive the transformation of our buildings and, secondly, demonstrate that business can be purpose-led by using ethical investment as a lever to stimulate decarbonisation, reduce ecological impact and bring benefits to society. As a business, we must be focussed, honest about the scale and nature of the challenge, and work creatively with optimism and hope. 

Few things demonstrate what we can achieve as humans when we want, as well as buildings do. Throughout history, we have created, adapted and constantly evolved the structures we have built, and what we have constructed defines our civilisation. 80% of the buildings in UK that will exist in 2050 already exist today; this means we need to use all our imagination and scientific ability to help transform the buildings we already have, as well as those we will build, to make them the best they can possibly be for us and the planet. EBS can be a leader in the pioneering thinking needed to meet the challenge of helping UK buildings be better, and we can only do this if we hold ourselves to the highest levels of environmental and social governance. 

Our ESG Principles

Our Environmental Impact

Efficient Building Solutions | ESG Environmental Impact

We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and improve our efficient use of resources. As well as our own mission to support the transformation of UK buildings, we support the development of low carbon and renewable infrastructure to help the UK deliver on its net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050. 
We embed sound environmental principles into our work across our businesses to help create better and more sustainable buildings. Technology is a key component in supporting our customers and improving our effectiveness and the reduced use of resources, lowering our environmental impact.  Our job isn't about the decisions we make today but the choices we make for the future. 

Our People

Efficient Building Solutions | ESG Our People

We want our people to flourish and grow in an inclusive and supportive environment. We continue to build a positive, high performing work environment in all our businesses based on respect for human rights, valuing diversity, and zero tolerance for discrimination. We operate with health and safety practices and work policies that benefit our people's physical and mental health. All our businesses are places where staff must be encouraged to achieve their full potential professionally and outside of work.

Our Communities

Efficient Building Solutions | ESG Our Communities

Our work does not exist in isolation from the people and communities it affects. We incorporate social responsibility into our businesses and consider the impacts of our work on others. We support the community work and volunteering of our people to make a difference. 

Our Action

Efficient Building Solutions | ESG Our Actions

ESG principles are at the heart of our businesses, and our actions have positive impacts in line with the UN Sustainability Goals. Our work provides environmental and social benefits by:

  • Providing advice and consultation on the implementation of designs and strategies that will allow for the reduction of energy use in buildings.
  • Converting fossil fuel burning energy and heat infrastructure to renewable energy-based systems.
  • Selling, distributing and installing energy-saving products, which can positively impact the climate, people's health and local communities.  

Our Governance

Efficient Building Solutions | ESG Our Governance

We operate to the highest ethical standards by maintaining key stakeholder relationships through transparency, accountability and active engagement. This is why we have established an advisory group comprised of representatives from across our businesses, and external experts, to drive the development and progress of ESG@EBS. The EBS board is committed to ESG@EBS. We will ensure that we listen to the voices of our employees, clients, customers, and other stakeholders. 

Building an ESG framework 

ESG@EBS is about establishing a robust framework and strategy to help fulfil our values and continue our mission to transform UK's buildings. The work across our business to plan, design, and construct better new buildings and retrofit and renovate existing buildings to be ultra-low energy will positively impact the environment. It will also help transition the UK to a low carbon and more environmentally conscious built environment industry.
By understanding our environmental practices, we can manage our risks and maximise our value allowing us to establish ourselves as a sustainability leader as well as continue to grow relationships with our partners, customers and local communities.  
Through our thoughtful social policy, we aim to build a business that nurtures the creativity and expertise of our staff and positively influences others with whom we engage. 
All our policies, whether environmental or social, will be underpinned by the highest standards of good governance and leadership.

We have built our ESG@EBS framework in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other ESG frameworks including B Corp.


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